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(provided and accredited by IMME Australia)


Commencement date:08/07/2024

Ending date: 23/08/2024

Enrolment deadline: 30/06/2024

Study group: max 30 participants/ class 

Mentor: 100% Australian qualified PTE Teacher Trainer

Language of instructions: 100% in English

Course features: online delivery via IMME platform, Zoom and Padlet. 

​All registrants will be awarded:

  • 18 hours of Master class at HEW London focusing on designing activities and planning lessons (offline in HCMC or Hanoi)

  • a 2.000.000 VND voucher upon completion to join all accredited courses at HEW London Hub

Throwing Caps
  • Course description:

Question: Are you keen to get started on teaching PTE properly? 

Our PTE Teacher Training Teaching Course accredited by ALAP is for you.  

This 80-hour course combines 20 hours of live instruction with our experienced PTE teacher trainers with 2 months of platform access

  • Admission requirements:

The course is designed for English teachers who wish to master their PTE teaching skills or for individuals with non-English teaching majors who aspire to begin a career in PTE training

  • Course features:

The course will be delivered online via Zoom with 10 sessions (2 hour per session). Attendees will also have 2-month access to online platform for self study and practice

  • Course starting date:

Monday July 8 2024 (enrolment deadline: 30/06/24)

  • Course content:

Coming to the PTE Train the Trainers program, teachers will benefit a lot from the experienced instructor and the professional teaching methodology together with the support of the online platform. The course not only helps teachers build a complete curriculum, suitable for many classroom models, but also goes deep into the structure, requirements and scoring criteria of the PTE Test.

The teachers will learn about PTE and get to understand the insight of each item type in the PTE test. Moreover, teachers will gain deep knowledge about the nature of each question and how it is scored as well as the best strategies to response to each question in the test. With the use of online platform, teachers will have a great deals of practice to get familiar with the test and to find the most suitable strategy to apply for each question.

On the other hand, the instructor will introduce the lesson plans and share ideas how to construct a PTE lesson in the class. Being a student to learn PTE, the teachers will also get a chance to observe the way PTE is taught by the instructor. In combination with the lesson plan ideas, teachers will be able to tailor their own PTE lesson in the future.

The course is designed with a mix of lessons and practical hand-ons exercises seamlessly integrated in the online platform. Teachers will need to do pre-work and homework for each class in order to be able to follow the amount of knowledge delivered in the class and best use of class time. 

Within the course the teachers will have 2 months to access and practice on the platform. Together with the use of the online platform and the guidance from the instructor, teachers will get a hang of using platform to deliver a hybrid course. This is a plus in the teaching career in the future.

1. PTE Academic  Introduction

2. 6 modules - certified by Pearson 

  • PTE Academic for Teachers: Introduction to PTE Academic and Automated Scoring

  • PTE Academic for Teachers: Speaking

  • PTE Academic for Teachers: Writing

  • PTE Academic for Teachers: Reading

  • PTE Academic for Teachers: Listening

  • PTE Academic for Teachers: Scoring Speaking and Writing Items

  • Our teacher trainer:

David Williamson, Head of Teaching and Learning, E2 Language

As a fully qualified classroom teacher with a Master of TESOL and first class honours in Digital Learning and Teaching, Professor David helps many students from all levels and all over the world to conquer the PTE Academic exam. With innovative teaching methodology, Professor David Williamson will equip the most modern and newest knowledge to help students to get closer to the PTE Academic test as well as to build an effective, dynamic and quality learning environment.
It is a golden opportunity to learn with the PTE expert.

  • Sample Certificate:
  • Graduation requirements:
In order to finish the course and receive certificate, the attendees need to attend all the sessions and complete 80% of practice materials as well as 3 mock tests on the platform.
  • Course fee:
​Course fee includes:
  • 2 months of studying with IMME Board including 20 hours of live instruction with our experienced PTE teacher trainers with 2 months of platform access
  • 18 hours of Master class at HEW London focusing on designing activities and planning lessons (offline in HCMC or Hanoi) (*OPTIONAL)
  • a hard copy of the certificate sent directly from the Australia (free delivery in Vietnam only)
  • a pdf certificate sent to your registered email
  • a notarised translation of the certificate in Vietnamese
  • 10.000.000 VND Master Scholarship with VNC
  • 2.000.000 VND HEW's accredited course scholarship 
  • HEW London's special gifts (please see your options gift session below)
TOTAL: 12.900.000 VND
Please note that course fee is not transferable to other parties and is not refundable within 45 days of the scheduled course start date and we only deliver hard copies at no extra costs to Vietnam at the moment. Please contact us if you would like your certificate to be shipped to another country.
If you wish to transfer USD, GBP , EUR, AUD or others, please kindly contact us via
INSTALMENT PLAN AVAILABLE: Please contact us via our Vietnam hotline 0904 327 893 (Zalo/ Whatsapp/ Viber) for further details. 
  • HEW's gift options 
  • Application requirements:
  • a completed consent form
  • a scanned copy of your passport / ID (2 sides)
Please use the following format to contact us at to check course availability and to register and pay for upcoming courses:​
Subject: PTE Teaching_(Yourname)_(Phonenumber)
Full name: 
Date of birth:
Phone number:
If you seek for assistance, please contact us via or our hotline 0904327893 (Zalo/ Whatsapp/Viber)
  • Q&A
1. Q: My PTE certificate is expired/ I haven't taken an PTE tests before. Am I eligible for attending the course?
   A: If you can perform 4 skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) well in English and complete your assignments at academic level, you are more than welcome to join the course. 

2. Q: I am not a Vietnamese citizen. Can I join the course?
    A: Absolutely. The course is open for all citizens but we can only deliver hard copies to Vietnam at no extra cost at the moment. If you are outside of Vietnam and wish to receive a hard copy, please contact us for shipping options. 

3. Q: Is the PTE Teacher Training Certificate equivalent to TESOL/ TEFL certificate?
    A: No, it is not. TESOL and TEFL certificates are to prove that one can teach English to speakers of other languages in general and is a must for anyone to be a certified teacher if their major is not Teaching English in Vietnam. Our course focuses on specific skills to deliver the best PTE lessons.

4.. Q: If I can't follow the whole program, can I resume the course, transfer to another person or get a refund?
    A: The course fee is only for 1 specific course and user and not transferable or refundable within 45 days of the scheduled course start date

5. Q: If I can't attend 80% of the online classes, can I still get the certificate?
    A: Participants have to attend at least 80% of the online classes and complete all assignments to receive an IMME certificate. Otherwise, participants have to pay for another course to rejoin the program.

6. Q: How long will it take to receive the pdf and hard copy of the certificate?
    A: Certificates will be issued within two months of the end of the course. We will contact you as soon as your certificates are available.

7. Q: Is there a recording in case I miss an online class?
    A:  Yes. Participants can access the recordings of the classes on our platform after 3-5 days of each lesson

8.Q: How often do I have to do assignments in this course?
     A: Every module will have assignments which need to be completed. Your trainers will give you full instructions on the assignments.

9. Q: Will there be a graduation ceremony after I've completed the course?
     A: YES!!! You will be invited to a fancy graduation ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City organised by HEW London once a year.

  • Graduation Videos:
  • Photo gallery:
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