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(accredited by ALAP)


Commencement date:03/06/2024

Enrolment deadline: 27/05/2024

Study group: 20 participants/ class 

Mentor: 100% UK qualified Teacher Trainer and IELTS Examiners

Language of instructions: 100% in English

Coure features: online delivery via Moodle, Zoom and Padlet. 

​All registrants will be awarded a 2.000.000 VND voucher upon completion to join all accredited courses at HEW London Hub

Graduation Ceremony
  • Course description

Question: Are you keen to get started on teaching IELTS properly? 

Our IELTS Teacher Training Teaching Course accredited by ALAP is for you.  

This 70-hour course combines 30 hours of live instruction with our experienced IELTS teachers and teacher trainers with 40 hours of self-guided practice. 

In 4 months, you will explore the format and requirements of the IELTS test and their impact on a teacher’s practice. How to prepare your students for all four parts? What are the problems teachers and students are facing? How to mark your students’ work and give them constructive feedback? All these questions, and more, will be addressed on the course. 

  • Admission requirements:
  1. an initial qualification in TEFL (international TESOL, TEFL, TKT, CELTA, DELTA, CertTESOL...)

  2. a minimum of 1 year of EFL teaching experience (proved by registrant's labour contract, payslip, employer's email...)

  3. a proof of your English proficiency close to C1 level minimum. If the candidate lacks valid proof as mentioned, they will be invited to an online interview with IELTS examiners at MTS UK.

  • Course features:
  • online delivery, connect with your course mates and tutors on Moodle and Padlet throughout the course and 6 months after course completion (follow-up)

  • Course starting date:
  • Monday June 3 2024 (enrolment deadline: 27/05/24)

  • Course schedule:
  • Our teacher trainers:
  • Sample Certificate:
  • Graduation requirements:
  • Participants who attend 80% of the online classes with supervisors and complete all assignments in the program will be issued a certificate. Any students who fail to meet these requirements will not be issued a certificate and no refunds will be offered.
  • Course fee:
​Course fee includes:
  • 5 months of studying with MTS Board including 70 hours of learning (30 hours of live instruction + 40 hours of self-guided practice)
  • a hard copy of the certificate sent directly from the UK (free delivery in Vietnam only)
  • a pdf certificate sent to your registered email
  • a notarised translation of the certificate in Vietnamese
  • 10.000.000 VND Master Scholarship with VNC

  • 2.000.000 VND HEW's accredited course scholarship 

  • HEW London's special gifts (please see your options in the X part below)

TOTAL: 700 GBP (≈ 22.500.000 VND​)
Please note that course fee is not transferable to other parties and is not refundable within 45 days of the scheduled course start date and we only deliver hard copies at no extra costs to Vietnam at the moment. Please contact us if you would like your certificate to be shipped to another country.
If you wish to transfer USD, GBP , EUR, AUD or others, please kindly contact us via
INSTALMENT PLAN AVAILABLE: Please contact us via our Vietnam hotline 0904 327 893 (Zalo/ Whatsapp/ Viber) for further details. 
  • HEW's gift options:
  • Application requirements:
  • a completed consent form
  • a scanned copy of your passport / ID (2 sides)
  • an initial qualification in TEFL (international TESOL, TEFL, TKT, CELTA, DELTA, CertTESOL...)

  • a proof of minimum 1 year of EFL teaching experience (proved by the registrant's labour contract, payslip, employer's email...)

  • a proof of your English proficiency close to C1 level minimum. If the candidate lacks a valid proof as mentioned, they will be invited to an online interview with IELTS examiners at MTS UK

Please use the following format to contact us at to check course availability and to register and pay for upcoming courses:​
Subject: IELTS Teaching_(Yourname)_(Phonenumber)
Full name: 
Date of birth:
Phone number:
If you seek for assistance, please contact us via or our hotline 0904327893 (Zalo/ Whatsapp/Viber)
  • Q&A
1. Q: My IELTS certificate is expired/ I haven't taken an IELTS tests before. Am I eligible for attending the course?
   A: If you can perform 4 skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) well in English and complete your assignments at academic level, you are more than welcome to join the course. However, you will be invited to join an interview with IELTS examiners at MTS UK

2. Q: I am not a Vietnamese citizen. Can I join the course?
    A: Absolutely. The course is open for all citizens but we can only deliver hard copies to Vietnam at no extra cost at the moment. If you are outside of Vietnam and wish to receive a hard copy, please contact us for shipping options. 

3. Q: Is the IELTS Teacher Training Certificate equivalent to TESOL/ TEFL certificate?
    A: No, it is not. TESOL and TEFL certificates are to prove that one can teach English to speakers of other languages in general and is a must for anyone to be a certified teacher if their major is not Teaching English in Vietnam. Our course focuses on specific skills to deliver the best IELTS lessons. After completing this course, you are qualified to enrol the CertPT Level 6 in Teaching IELTS.

4. Q: Is the IELTS Teacher Training Certificate accredited?
   A: Yes, it is. Our course is accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals) which is an independent, international accreditation organisation born from decades of experience in the provision of quality assured English language education and training. You can look for MTS in the accredited course provider list on ALAP official website HERE

5. Q: If I can't follow the whole program, can I resume the course, transfer to another person or get a refund?
    A: The course fee is only for 1 specific course and user and not transferable or refundable within 45 days of the scheduled course start date

6. Q: If I can't attend 80% of the online classes, can I still get the certificate?
    A: Participants have to attend at least 80% of the online classes and complete all assignments to receive an accredited certificate. Otherwise, participants have to pay for another course to rejoin the program.

7. Q: How long will it take to receive the pdf and hard copy of the certificate?
    A: Certificates will be issued within two months of the end of the course. We will contact you as soon as your certificates are available.

8. Q: How can recruiters trust the accreditation of my certificate?
    A: Your certificate is issued with ALAP accreditation so your recruiters can retrieve your details based on your certificate number on the ALAP website. Recruiters can check the validity of ALAP holders using this link:

9. Q: Is there a recording in case I miss an online class?
    A:  Yes. Participants can access the recordings of the classes on our platform after 3-5 days of each lesson

10.Q: How often do I have to do assignments in this course?
     A: Every module will have assignments which need to be completed. Your trainers will give you full instructions on the assignments.

11. Q: Will there be a graduation ceremony after I've completed the course?
     A: YES!!! You will be invited to a fancy graduation ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City organised by HEW London once a year.

12. Q: Will there be any job opportunities after my graduation at HEW?
      A: YES!!! We have connections with schools and language centres in Vietnam who would love to invite you for a job interview.

  • Graduation Videos:
  • Photo gallery:
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